SMS Notifications

How to use a third-party SMS service to send SMS messages from rulemanager:

How to use the cell provider's email to SMS gateway to send SMS messages from rulemanager:

1. Create pager_clerk.bat
@echo off
REM typical calling sequence:
REM pager_clerk.exe -p <pager_type> -t <employees pager number> -m <message to be sent> -e <employees email address>
REM Directory where the powershell script is located:
SET WORKING_DIR=C:\custom\PagerClerk
REM %4 is the <employees pager number>
REM %6 is the <message to be sent>
%POWERSHELL% ./send-email.ps1 %4 %6

2. Create send-email.ps1:
param ([string] $recipients, [string] $message)
$args = ,$args
$message = $args[0]
$subject="Support Notification";
$smtpmail = [System.Net.Mail.SMTPClient]("$smtpServer")
$mailMessage = new-object System.Net.Mail.MailMessage($from, $recipients);
$mailMessage.Subject = $subject;
$mailMessage.Body = $message;
$mailMessage.IsBodyHTML = $false;

3. Set the paging application within the Rulemanager configuration to be pager_clerk.bat

4. For each employee, put their email to sms address in the pager field on the user/employee record.

5. Set the user's notification preference to Digital Pager for the desired urgency and on/off hours period.

6. Test!